Come build a better personal finance future with us!

At HMBradley we're on a mission to rebuild how consumers interact with financial products. Our flagship product is a checking account that pays higher interest when you save more of what comes in. We launched barely 18 months ago and have acquired more than half a billion dollars in deposits (We literally grew so fast our bank account product is currently invite-only!)

But our goals are much loftier than a bank account and we're just getting started on where we go from here. We've raised over $60M to build the best loyalty program in finance. Our core advantage over every bank you've ever done business with is that we don't have a silo'd structure requiring each individual product to be profitable on its own but instead build an ecosystem around each of our customers where the rewards get better with each new product they use.

In the very first days of HMBradley I used to tell people that we were "Mailing DVDs" in reference to Netflix. Today I would say we're just starting our version of "Shipping Ladders" like Amazon Prime.

These individual endeavors are helping us create an ecosystem of best in breed financial products that revolve around the customer experience, (which is what we believe is actually broken in banking) rewarding customer's with sound financial habits incentivizing good financial behaviors we believe is a win for everyone involved.

Fundamentally we're a software company that builds financial products. I'm a fourth time founder and I'm not here to sell this company, for us this is IPO or bust, we're swinging for the fence and the next 18 months is comprised of the most aggressive roadmap I've seen in any software company, much less in financial services. If we succeed we have a chance at becoming one of the largest companies the world has ever seen.

I often tell our employees that I cannot promise success, but I can promise fireworks. After the last 18 months of fireworks I'm proud to say there will be much more where that came from. We'd love to have you join us for the ride.

If you're an entrepreneur that's had a hard time working inside of other orgs I think we might have the exact right environment to let you thrive here because that is exactly the kind of founder I've been my entire career.

This has made it incredibly hard to be an employee at other places. My mission is to make this a place where incredibly entrepreneurial people can thrive but also have the benefit of building from a solid foundation and a massive set of learnings and shared services to leverage for the future.

If this sounds interesting and you don't see a job listed on our recruiting site feel free to reach out to me directly at zach [at] and I'll get you in touch with the right person. We're posting new roles every day and we're looking for several single-threaded leaders for new product initiatives that are not listed on our site today.

We have a fair amount of jobs listed here:

If you don't see what you're looking for feel free to shoot me an email at zach [at]

-Zach Bruhnke

CEO, HMBradley