HMBradley 2021 Update

When we started HMBradley, we believed deeply that banking should not be one size fits all. We knew we wanted to build financial products people would actually want to use and that adapted to their financial habits.

Today, it’s clear that this mission resonates deeply with a wide audience that is passionate about improving their finances. The speed of our deposit growth has been incredible, and we could not have anticipated how great the demand for our flagship product would be, how quickly these ideas would gain momentum, or just how fast our customer base (and deposit base!) would grow. In the year since we’ve launched, we’ve accepted more than $400M in deposits –  a 300% increase in deposits since the start of 2021 alone.

As a result of our explosive growth, we’ve decided to shift to an invite-only model for the time being, in order to allow us to focus on building the best possible experience for our current customer base. We are confident that this decision will help us better serve our customers in the long term, and we’re excited for you to see what we’re rolling out in the months to come to make your experience even better.

Enhanced customer experience

First and foremost, this shift will give us the opportunity to focus on enhancing the experience for our current customers before we open back up to the general public. This means building improved interfaces, products, rewards, mobile experiences and more. 

We have big dreams for HMBradley. We want to be your most trusted long term financial partner – your go-to money resource whatever life throws your way. We’re always going to have your back, whether you’re looking to buy your first home or want to start managing your cash flow with a little more strategy and intent.

Stepping back to focus on our current customer base will give us an opportunity to follow through on this promise at the highest possible level. Our number one priority remains building a magical consumer experience with unparalleled customer service into every single thing we do.

Expanded product offerings

We’re also working hard to expand access to our credit products, including the HMBradley Credit Card, which is quickly becoming our customers’ go-to everyday credit card thanks to its generous cash-back rewards that automatically adjust to consumer’s spending habits. Keep an eye out for exciting updates in the coming months about how the HMBradley platform can make all your money work for you – all the time.

Establishing new banking partners

We’ve proven that the consumer demand for financial products designed to help individuals improve their finances is incredibly strong. Armed with that knowledge, it is clear that it’s time to expand our reach as far as possible. In the coming months we’ll be adding additional banking partners that can help us follow through on our commitment to building the best consumer experience in all of finance that rewards consumers for sound financial habits.

What does this mean for you?

HMBradley Account Holders

If you have an existing account with HMBradley, your personal experience won’t be impacted by this change. Rest assured, we’re not making any changes to rates, withdrawal or funding limits or anything else. If anything, we’re simply honing in on making this the best customer experience in all of finance – and that means you can expect to see a lot of great improvements to the product and customer experience over the coming months! 

Non-Account Holders

While we’re not sure how long we’ll remain invite-only, we’re still passionate about helping everyone achieve their best financial future. If you don't currently have an account with HMBradley, the best way to get a spot in line for the time being is to join the waitlist, and we’ll get you early access as soon as possible.

We are so grateful that you’ve trusted us on your financial journey, and we can’t wait to keep building the best platform in finance alongside you.