Savings Tier Protection

You deserve to have a financial ecosystem that rewards you for strengthening your financial habits. At HMBradley, everything works together to be the most rewarding experience possible. Enter the HMBradley Credit Card1  – it’s our customers’ go-to everyday card for a reason. When you get the HMBradley Credit Card, you’ll receive benefits like 3-2-1 Cashback Rewards and a Savings Tier Boost on your HMBradley Deposit Account with Hatch Bank.2

But that’s not all... We’ve added something even more groundbreaking to the list of reasons to get our credit card. 

We know how hard you work to make sure you’re saving enough of your deposits to earn the annual percentage yield (APY) of your dreams, but what if there was an easier way to manage your cash flow so you could be sure of what’s going in and out? That’s why we invented Savings Tier Protection.

Here’s how it works

When you pay your HMBradley Credit Card balance with your HMBradley Deposit Account with Hatch Bank, the payment won’t count as a withdrawal and therefore won’t be used in calculating your Savings Tier for the next quarter. You can now spend when you have to, without worrying if it will take away from your hard-earned APY. So long as you are spending on the HMBradley Credit Card and paying the credit card balance with your Hatch Bank Deposit Account, it’ll never touch your deposit account interest rate. In fact, as we demonstrate below, pairing the HMBradley Credit Card with your deposit account can potentially help you earn an even greater APY than you would have otherwise. 

The best part of all? You don’t have to do anything to earn this reward – it’s a built-in benefit of the credit card. Think of it as our way of saying thank you for being all-in on HMBradley.

Need a refresher on how our Savings Tiers work? Check out this blog post on the topic.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of how using the HMBradley Credit Card to get Savings Tier Protection can maximize your savings:

For the following scenarios, let’s say you bring in $20,000/quarter into your account and have a very predictable $18,000 in expenses each quarter.

Without the HMBradley Credit Card:

This comes out to a savings of $2,000/quarter (balance after expenses are deducted), which equates to a savings percentage of 10% and Tier 3 3 for the quarter.

With the HMBradley Credit Card:

Let’s take that same $20,000 in deposits, and say you decide to put all your grocery spend ($1,000) on the HMBradley CreditCard. That takes your non-credit card expenses to just $17,000, making your savings for the quarter $3,000 instead. Now, your savings percentage jumps to 15% and you’re now sitting in Tier 2!3

But what if you go all in?

Now your deposits remain the same, but because your expenses are all on the HMBradley Credit Card, we calculate your savings percentage at 100%, earning your Tier 13[disclosures] for the next quarter.

As you can see, the HMBradley Credit Card is a pretty powerful tool to help manage your savings and earn the APY you want. Our customers have already found some great ways to use this feature to make their money work even harder for them.

Move up a Tier

As illustrated in the example above, by simply taking some of your existing expenses and moving them to the HMBradley Credit Card, you can bump your savings percentage up a few notches and jump up into the next Tier – or even all the way up to Tier 1!

Protect from unexpected expenses

Fender benders, surprise medical bills, late night burger binges – sometimes life happens while we’re busy making plans, and those expenses can put a dent in your savings. But with Savings Tier Protection, you can use your HMBradley Credit Card as a buffer for those unexpected expenditures and not have to worry about losing your hard-earned interest rate on your eligible HMBradley Deposit Account for the next quarter. 

Do less math

We get it, our Savings Tiers are a little complicated. While this system helps us ensure that we’re able to give you some of the highest interest rates in the industry sustainably, we know it’s not exactly the simplest system to navigate. Savings Tier Protection is one way to hopefully help reduce that mental load. So long as you keep your spending only within the HMBradley Credit Card, you’ll never have to worry how your Savings Tier math works out on your eligible HMBradley Deposit Account with Hatch Bank at the end of the quarter.

Simplify your spending

Sure, you could build spreadsheets and complicated equations to optimize every dollar you spend to make sure it’s working hard for you – or, you could put all your spending on the HMBradley Credit Card. Not only will you be protecting your savings percentage and interest rate on your eligible HMBradley Deposit Account with Hatch Bank, but you’ll also be earning competitive cashback on everything you buy.4 It’s simply the easiest way to make sure you’re getting rewarded every time you spend.

If you want access to our innovative credit card and the peace of mind that comes with it, head over to your Credit tab and opt in to receiving credit invitations to see if you qualify!