Is your name also H. M. Bradley?

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Calling all H. M. Bradleys:

Are you or someone, anyone, you know named H. M. Bradley?

Is your name not H. M. Bradley, but the more you read the name “H. M. Bradley”, the more you notice it has a nice ring to it, so you would be willing to start going by H. M. Bradley?

Would you name your pet an iteration of H. M. Bradley, or even just “HMBradley” for simplicity?

Wait, is this real?

Yes. We actually built a world-class financial experience that rewards you for saving and spending your money responsibly.

Oh, and the retroactive naming of a founder named H. M. Bradley is quite real too. We were so busy building the aforementioned world-class banking experience that we forgot institutions like ours are supposed to be named after their founder. Ours is not. His name is Zach.

That’s where you come in. We need someone named H. M. Bradley to take the completely figurative helm of one of the most innovative financial platforms out there.

The Details


  • First name starts with H.

  • Middle name starts with M.

  • Last name is Bradley.*

*People apply for jobs they're underqualified for all the time. You don't actually have to be named H. M. Bradley to enter. See full contest rules at


Honestly? Not much. The title of founder, much like at traditional financial institutions, will be more-or-less an honorary one. You might need to sit for an hour or so while our in-house oil painter captures your likeness to hang in a conference room or something. You are also welcome to play golf, which we hear is something banker types like to do.


  • $2,500 to $25,000*

  • Access to office space in HMBradley’s home Santa Monica.**

  • A commemorative t-shirt.

  • *$25,000 to be split between all selected founders, up to 10

  • **Up to 30 days