Savings Tiers

Save more.
Earn more.

Banking shouldn’t be one size fits all.

We built a platform that rewards based on your habits. With Savings Tiers, you can earn up to 3% APY* – one of the the best in the industry.

Here’s how it works:

Set up your direct deposit.

A monthly Direct Deposit gives you the keys to our most innovative feature – Savings Tiers, and so much more.


Track how you’re saving.

You’ll start in Tier 3, and can start working towards a higher Savings Tier right away. We’ll show you what you’re saving throughout the quarter so you can stay on track.


Save more.
Earn more.

We’ll calculate your savings percentage at the end of the quarter and award your new Savings Tier. Your entire balance earns interest at your new Tier’s rate for the next three months. Sit back and let your money work for you.