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Get the only high yield checking account that rewards you for strengthening your financial habits.

Get the best interest rates in the industry

Whether you’re saving 5% or 50% of your deposits each month, earn some of the best interest rates on the market - personalized to your habits.⁵

0.125% APY5

0.125% APY5

0.25% APY5

0.25% APY5

0.50% APY5

0.50% APY5

1.00% APY5

33xNational Average4

1.00% APY5

How It Works

Earn your personalized APY

At HMBradley, we treat you like an individual – not just another account number. There’s no one blanket interest rate here. You’ll earn an APY that is tied directly to your saving habits – and increases the more you save!⁵ Here’s how it works:


Set up direct deposit

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A monthly direct deposit is the first and most crucial step on your savings journey, so be sure to get that switched over right away.


Save at least 5% each quarter

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Each quarter, as you save and spend, we’ll keep track of everything you bring in and everything you withdraw to see how you save – saving just 5% will get you our base rate.⁵


Earn your Savings Tier

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On the first day of every quarter we celebrate Tier Day. We award your new Savings Tier and associated APY for the next quarter based on how you saved! Interest Rates are subject to Terms and Conditions.

Here's a look at our interest rates

  • Tier 11.00% APY⁵Save at least 20%
  • Tier 20.50% APY⁵Save at least 15%
  • Tier 30.25% APY⁵Save at least 10%
  • Tier 40.125% APY⁵Save at least 5%

Want to triple your rate?

You could Triple your APY³ when you use your HMBradley Credit Card¹

Learn more about Savings Tier Boosts


Celebrate your
wins on Tier Day

Building a savings habit is no small feat. That’s why each quarter when you earn a new, customized interest rate, we throw a mini party to celebrate.

Graphic depicting a new set of Savings Tiers beginning at the start of a new quarter

Tier Days are the first day of every quarter. January 1st • April 1st • July 1st • October 1st

You’ll get a new interest rate every quarter, so you can set new goals and reach new milestones as you continue to strengthen your financial habits.

Make a Plan for your future

Make your dreams a reality by setting savings goals. Not sure where to start? We’ll help you build a plan that’s right for you.

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Earn interest everywhere

Whether in a Plan or your main account, you’ll earn the same great interest everywhere your money lives inside HMBradley.⁶

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One account,
fully featured

We’ve made it easy to organize your money however you see fit – while being sure you’re earning best in class interest rates no matter how you’ve set up your account.

  • ATM Fee Reimbursal

  • Mobile check deposit

  • 2 Factor authentication

  • Joint accounts

  • Link external accounts

  • ...and much more

Enhance your savings, even when you spend.

When you pair the HMBradley Credit Card with our high yield checking account, you’ll unlock exclusive rewards you can't find anywhere else. Translation: make more money on your money.

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Save More
Spend Wisely

Savings Tier Boost

Using the HMBradley Credit Card and Deposit Account together is the only way to earn our most exclusive interest rate on your deposits – up to 3.00% APY.³

Tier 1

Q4Oct – Dec

1.00% APY3

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Savings Tier Protection

With HMBradley, the more you save, the more you earn. And when you use the HMBradley Credit Card¹, you can spend, and it still counts as savings. It’s a total game changer. Check out our Savings Tier Protection blog post.

Quarterly Spend


Quarterly Deposits


Savings Percentage


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You work hard.
Your money should work harder.

Deposit account availability is currently limited. Learn why in our our blog.

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Feel confident that your finances are working together seamlessly. It’s possible with HMBradley. See what else is waiting for you...

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Spend Wisely

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The HMBradley Credit Card’s 3-2-1 Cashback Rewards¹ automatically adjust to your spending habits to help you always maximize your rewards.²

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See the data lenders use to make decisions about you, learn how to wield it to your greatest advantage, and start building more wealth.