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Save for today

Remind me to save

Your account balance (hopefully) creeps up month-over-month as you rack up your paychecks.  Use this Routine to notify you when your account balance reaches a comfortable amount, reminding you to save the rest.

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Protect your balance

Maintain peace of mind and ensure you’ve always got available funds on hand by moving in funds from a designated Plan when your balance drops too low.

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Protect the extra

Do you struggle with discipline when it comes to saving, or find yourself spending money simply because you have access to it? It sounds simple, but separating the money you want to save from your discretionary budget can help. Use this Routine to do just that!

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Plan your emergency fund

Unexpected expenses are part of life; this Routine helps you prepare for them. Use it to make automatic contributions to your emergency savings Plan and ensure you’re prepared for whatever life throws at you.

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Payday alert

Get notified every time you get paid so that you can stay on top of your income. Since you control what is categorized as income, you can get timely notifications whether you receive a bi-weekly paycheck or get paid with less regularity (gig economy!)

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Save for the future

Down Payment Routine

Planning to buy a home? Saving toward a down payment is no easy feat. Choose how much you want to put toward your down payment goal each month, then sit back and let the Routine do the rest.

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Maximize Rewards Routine

This Routine sweeps HMBradley Credit Card cash back redemptions from your deposit account to a Plan, where they earn interest while being shielded from everyday spending.

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Sunday Service

If there’s a cause, nonprofit, or service that you believe in, why don’t you make it easier to donate by transferring a little each week into a savings Plan?

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Save for College

The earlier you start saving for college, the more money you will have at your disposal by the time your child needs it.

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Prepare for Taxes with Plans

Taxes can be a pain. They're confusing, they're complicated and they take up a lot of your time. But here's something to consider: what if there were a way to automatically set aside funds each time you got paid to ensure you were covered come tax season? Well, you're in luck because there is—and it starts with setting up a Routine for saving for taxes throughout the year!

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Paycheck Split

This Routine will automatically transfer a portion of your paycheck each month into a Savings Plan, so you don’t have to remember to save a portion of your deposits for a rainy day.

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Budget together

Split Rent with a Roommate

“Can you take the chicken out of the freezer? Also, rent is due tomorrow” – are you sending reminder texts to your roommate each month? No more! Make splitting rent payments the last thing you and your roommate have to worry about. Open a joint deposit account together and use this Routine to save yourself from bookkeeping duty. 

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Build Savings Together Routine

This Routine automates the movement of funds between your joint and individual HMBradley accounts¹ to simplify saving money and managing shared expenses.

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Manage spending

Low Balance Alert

Don’t get caught by surprise the next time your balance gets too low. Set an alert so that you can get ahead of any upcoming payments or transactions.

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