Watch your rewards compound

This Routine sweeps HMBradley Credit Card cash back redemptions from your deposit account to a Plan, where they earn interest while being shielded from everyday spending.

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Maximize Rewards Routine

Automatically transfer your HMBradley cash back reward redemptions to a savings Plan.

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Create a cycle of compounding rewards.

You earn cash back every time you swipe your HMBradley Credit Card. Don't leave those dollars sitting unredeemed in your account – put them to work! Every time you redeem cash back to your deposit account, this Routine moves that money into a Plan, where it earns interest and is kept separate from your available balance. Earning unlimited 1.5% cash back with the HMBradley credit card is pretty sweet;¹ watching the value of that cash back compound is even sweeter.

Maximize Rewards Routine

Cash back sitting unredeemed in your account isn't doing you any favors. Use this Routine to start putting that money to work!

How to set up this Routine:

  1. Click 'Try this Routine'.
  2. Choose the Plan to which your cash back will be deposited.
  3. Select the distribution type - you can choose an amount based on percentage or dollar amount.
  4. Determine the amount (ie: 20% or $200 depending on the distribution type you selected).
  5. Save your Routine and watch your savings grow as you spend

Pro tip:
Rewards redemptions count as deposits when we calculate your cash flow, so this Routine can also help you level up the APY on your deposit account.²

¹The HMBradley Credit Card is issued by Hatch Bank pursuant to a license form Mastercard, Inc. and is subject to approval.

²Terms and conditions apply; see NYCB Deposit Account Terms and Current APYs for details.


Paycheck Split Routine

Automatically transfer a fixed amount or percent to a savings plan after each deposit.

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What’s in a Routine?

The best financial habits are the ones you can keep — so we built a way to make sticking to your goals easier than ever. Whether you’re focused on saving for the future or making smarter spending choices today, Routines are here to help.

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