Put your interest to work

This Routine helps you do the smart thing with your monthly interest: put it towards your goals. When your interest posts, the Save Interest Routine automatically transfers it to a Plan of your choosing.

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Save Interest Routine

Automatically transfer monthly interest postings from your main deposit account to a savings Plan.

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Re-invest in your goals

As an HMBradley customer, your monthly interest payment is the most tangible way your money works for you — it’s a return on the funds in your HMBradley account. Each interest posting also adds to your balance, which means even your awarded interest earns interest in your HMBradley account. With this Routine, you can automatically do the smart thing with the interest you earn: compound it.

Save Interest Routine

Put your interest to work! Use this Routine to move it to a savings Plan each month and watch your rewards grow.

How to set up this Routine:

  1. Click 'Try this Routine'.
  2. Choose the Plan to which the interest payment will be deposited (the trigger will be pre-populated, but you can edit the account that the Routine pulls from if you have multiple deposit accounts).
  3. Select the distribution type - you can choose an amount based on percentage or dollar amount.
  4. Determine the amount (ie: 20% or $200 depending on the distribution type you selected).
  5. Save your Routine and watch your savings grow!

Pro tip:
Funds in Plans earn the same APY as the money in your main deposit account, but those funds are kept separate from your available balance. That way, you can spend as you need to without having to worry about impacting your savings goals.


Paycheck Split Routine

Automatically transfer a fixed amount or percent to a savings plan after each deposit.

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What’s in a Routine?

The best financial habits are the ones you can keep — so we built a way to make sticking to your goals easier than ever. Whether you’re focused on saving for the future or making smarter spending choices today, Routines are here to help.

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