You just got paid, let’s party.

Payday is one of the best days of the month. Using our new webhooks, trigger a party at home the moment your funds hit your HMBradley account. Put on some tunes, flash your lights, and pop the champagne every other week.


Payday Party

Trigger a party using your smart home each time you get paid.

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Celebrate good times, come on!

Our newly introduced webhooks give anyone the ability to trigger actions outside of the HMBradley ecosystem – the first thing we thought of was your smart home. If you’re automating your finances, you’re probably automating your home too. With this Routine (and the necessary smarthome integrations) you can control your home’s lights, music, and whatever else you want whenever your paycheck hits your account. Start the party!

This template requires that you hook up your Routine to your smart home with a webhook and a [Homeassist blueprint] we’ve created. You can find all necessary links below. Not sure what webhooks are or how they work? Start with our FAQ [here]

Payday Party

Combine this Routine with your Homeassistant automation to control lights and music when your paycheck hits your HMBradley account.

How to set up this Routine:

  1. Click ‘Try this Routine’
  2. Adjust your trigger as needed (set to direct deposit or income)
  3. Set up Homeassist blueprint [link] and adjust as needed
  4. Copy webhook URL from Homeassist and paste into the Routine
  5. Test the webhook URL
  6. Put on your party pants and wait for payday

Quick tip: Need help getting the party started? We made a playlist. Pick your favorite payday song from the list or set it to shuffle and mix up the vibe each paycheck.


Paycheck Split Routine

Automatically transfer a fixed amount or percent to a savings plan after each deposit.

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What’s in a Routine?

The best financial habits are the ones you can keep — so we built a way to make sticking to your goals easier than ever. Whether you’re focused on saving for the future or making smarter spending choices today, Routines are here to help.

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