Keep your balance where you want it

Maintain peace of mind and ensure you’ve always got available funds on hand by moving in funds from a designated Plan when your balance drops too low.

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Protect your balance

Move funds from a designated Plan when your balance drops below a set threshold.

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Don’t get caught with empty pockets.

Whether you lost track of your spending, had a surprise charge hit your account, or just forgot it was time to pay the water bill, sometimes your available balance can drop lower than you were expecting (and even negative!). This can leave you in a pinch to make purchases, withdraw cash, or be ready for the next auto-payment.

Protect your balance Routine

HMBradley won’t actually let you overdraw your account, and we don’t charge for overdrafts, so there’s no fee coming from our end – but things can get complicated if you don’t have available liquid funds and we have to decline a transaction. This Routine is designed to keep you and your balance happy, and keep your available balance where you like it.

How to set up this Routine:

  1. Click “Try this Routine”
  2. Set the threshold for your available balance by entering that number as the trigger amount.
  3. Set the amount you want to transfer in to bring your balance back up (we recommend at least the same amount as your threshold)
  4. Set the Plan you wish to move the funds from (this is usually going to be an Emergency Fund, but you choose!)
  5. Save your Routine and sleep easy

Do keep in mind, that this Routine will only run once a day, so depending on the order of your transactions, your balance could fall below your set threshold until the Routine can run again the next day.

Quick tip: This Routine pairs beautifully with our Protect the Extra Template, which automatically sweeps extra funds sitting idle in your available balance into a Plan – keeping them safe from accidental spending, and putting them towards a goal. Using these two Routines together will effectively keep a happy range that you’ve set always accessible in your available balance, helping you ensure your other automations, auto-payments, and other money moves go off without a hitch.


Paycheck Split Routine

Automatically transfer a fixed amount or percent to a savings plan after each deposit.

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What’s in a Routine?

The best financial habits are the ones you can keep — so we built a way to make sticking to your goals easier than ever. Whether you’re focused on saving for the future or making smarter spending choices today, Routines are here to help.

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