Start saving for their college early

The earlier you start saving for college, the more money you will have at your disposal by the time your child needs it.

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Save for College

Save money in a Plan each month for your child’s college education

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Save for College

It’s hard to imagine your baby or toddler moving away to college.  However, since those funds compound over time, if you start saving now and take advantage of our competitive interest rates, you’ll be in great shape when the time eventually comes. This Routine helps you build the habit of saving a little (or a lot) each month towards their future college expenses.  One of the benefits of using a Plan is that the funds are excluded from your available balance (so that you can’t chip away at your child’s savings with splurges or unexpected expenses).  

How to set up this Routine: An Example

  1. Activate the Routine
  2. Confirm the date that the Routine will run (the trigger will be pre-populated to the first of each month, but you can edit the date/frequency that the Routine will run)
  3. Set the amount that will transfer to your College Savings Plan ($200 is a good place to start)
  4. Create and name your College Savings Plan (click the + New Plan link)
  5. Save your Routine and watch your College Savings Plan grow along with your little one.


Paycheck Split Routine

Automatically transfer a fixed amount or percent to a savings plan after each deposit.

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What’s in a Routine?

The best financial habits are the ones you can keep — so we built a way to make sticking to your goals easier than ever. Whether you’re focused on saving for the future or making smarter spending choices today, Routines are here to help.

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